stripping back

we have taken away all the fancy trappings of a usual tailors shop to enable us to lower our price as much as possible. no complimentary whisky, no velvet chairs, no wood paneling, no expensive shop fit, no expensive branding. simply the best quality fabric, construction and customer service possible.

sourcing efficiency

we took a long hard look at how fabrics are sourced for our products and decided something is wrong. usually in a tailoring process a customer decides on a fabric from a range of 500-5000 fabrics from a huge variety of suppliers.

– the fabric is usually then laid out and cut into the length required for the suit, shirt or trouser.

– individually packaged and sent to the manufacturer/tailor where the garment is made.

this process allows for an extremely large choice of fabric but is extremely inefficient. we decided to narrow our range of fabrics from 1000 to 100 and to store our fabrics on the production line. this allows us to hugely decrease our fabric costs without comprising on quality. our fabrics are also sourced remnant.


– while we have stripped back a lot of the unnecessary frills of tailoring, we have not compromised one iota on our product quality. from making all our custom made suits using a full canvas (besides cotton & linen fabrics which we make with a half canvas), to only using fabrics from the finest british and italian mills. we also only construct our garments in romania to ensure quality and sustainability.

customer service

while you will not be served a bottle of water derived from an artesian aquifer on arrival, we strive to deliver the best customer service possible. friendly, approachable service that is there every step of the way.

running repairs

as part of our commitment to deliver the best customer service possible we offer running repairs on all our custom made suits, shirts, blazers and trousers. this includes free repairs on the wear and tear of garments seams, hemming & stitching.