Tailor Made Overcoats

Our made to measure overcoat line

We are proud to introduce our new Made to Measure overcoat line. We have been working extremely hard over the last year in pattern development, product options, construction and fabric development of our tailor made overcoat line. 

  • Made with a “full-canvas” as standard
  • Made with only the finest british and italian cloths
  • Priced at £995 for “house cloths”
  • Priced at £1395 for “non house cloths”


Our “house collection” of custom made overcoat cloths will largely be made up of sumptuous Loro Piana wools and wool blends, with mix-ins from other specialty overcoat weavers as well. Loro Piana tailor made overcoat cloths are simply the best available on the market, this is why we are choosing to use them as the cornerstone of “house collection” of bespoke overcoating materials. 

Our “non house” collection will consist of 100% cashmere, 100% camel hair as well as blends of other exquisite overcoating materials and at £1395 all in with a full canvas construction, it is the best value pure cashmere bespoke overcoat available in London. 

Made to Measure Overcoat Styles

We have an extensive range of tailor made overcoat styles available so you can construct your perfect overcoat:

  • Made to Measure Single Breasted Overcoat
  • Made to Measure Double Breasted Overcoat
  • Made to Measure Polo Coat 
  • Made to Measure Peacoat